Artist Statement

I fell for painting in early childhood. My mother was a graphic artist and a fashion designer. My father was a carrier diplomat and a historian. Both loved music and arts and brought me up in fine and benevolent environment.

Now it seems only logical that my first museum was The State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow. My mother brought me there with my brother when I was nearly 3 and I got enchanted by it once and forever.

Even today I like to view with my breath hold numerous netsuke, oriental ornaments on the vases and intriguing compositions of the Chinese and Japanese art…

As I live in Geneva I am frequent to the Baur Foundation, Museum of Far Eastern Art. All that is there, manuscripts, prints, lacquer, netsuke, jades, jaspers unfolds exquisite world of Oriental Art. Unexpectedly my children also  learned to love it.

I took my time to study art and philosophy of China and Japan as well as Middle Age Egypt (the latter took me 10 years) along with calligraphy. This resulted in a few personal exhibitions in Geneva, Lausanne and Moscow (personal exhibitions took place in J. De Bart Gallery, UN and other places). A number of works are residing in private collections in Russia and other countries.

I consider myself a happy person who got two finest educations in Oriental culture (Arabist) and as an artist.

Imprints of my childhood, early study of History of Arts at The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, my willing immersion in Oriental culture undoubtedly had a tremendous  impact on my personality and artistic vision.

My affection to the East and graphics got blended into something wholesome and found its way to canvas.

I barely noticed how I got engrossed by silk painting and iris became the leading theme.

My versatile education in art allowed me to work on monumental compositions and mosaics as well as with cloth and theatrical sets and decorations. But easel painting is yet my favourite and most cherished way of expression. I keep trying to unravel something new in technique and materials…

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