Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas
My artproject " Firmitas, utilitas, venustas ", (composed of 25 paintings)
which considers, through the medium of painting, the theme of unification and the mutual penetration of opposites, whose goal is the creation of universal harmony, taking the example of a banana tree.
The evening. The banana flower.
Acrylic on canvas , 80 / 80cm.
The day. Banana flowers.
Acrylic on canvas, 80 / 80cm.
The morning. The banana flower.
Acrylic on canvas, 80 / 80cm.
The imperishable musa. Banana flower. Diptych.
The work on the series "Le musa", is an attempt to examine the relationship between visuality and the hidden elements of the plant world's form. Through fragments of the whole image, the viewer can discover the opposition and unity of the masculine and the feminine in one plant.

Addressing the familiar image of the banana through its unfamiliar inflorescence is an attempt to understand nature's amazing structures in terms of their necessity. Nature is always functional. If we turn to the morphology of this plant, we see that it has three genders at once: female, male, and bisexual.
The feminine is strongly conspired by the masculine appearance of the inflorescence.

Acrylique sur toile
6 x 40/40 cm
Changing an Object's Color Palette
keeping its shape
The color variety of the jungle is characterized by the redundancy of green hues.
The palette of birds, inhabitants of the jungle is often bright and varied.
• Depending on the emotional state, the impression of the object can change.
• Depending on the change of environment, lighting, color components, the impression of the object may also change.
• Will the subject's masculine or feminine be revealed when certain colors are highlighted, such as pinks or reds and blues?
• As a synesthete artist, it is always interesting for me to reveal the influence of color, color combinations on a person. First of all, I explore my feelings during the work, and the impressions, the feelings of the public.

Acryliс on canvas, 9x 30/30cm

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